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Sometimes we are extra careful in avoiding much of what sets us off. We may heed provided trigger warnings, avoid looking at gruesome material, or read reviews of written work to see if they may be problematic. Sometimes this isn’t enough. For me, looking at my own body can oftentimes be just as bad.

This idea may seem strange to some, but for anyone who has had some instances of self-loathing it may seem more plausible. Some individuals may be upset about their weight, their looks, the appearance of their self-harm scars, or any other body issue. In many instances I have been having a good day until I look down at the scars on my legs.

What do you do when you upset yourself? In many other instances it is best just to avoid what upsets you. But trying to avoid your own body can be difficult and sometimes dangerous. Some may simply try to avoid gazing into mirrors or staring at their skin, but others may compromise their health. They may stop eating enough, neglect their hygiene, or not seek medical attention for problems they may have. In these cases, avoiding themselves may be just as detrimental as being “triggered” by their appearance.

Since avoiding ourselves is not ideal, the best solution would be to become more accepting of our bodies. But if this were an easy solution then individuals would never have any of these problems mentioned.   One obvious solution, if you haven’t tried it already, would be to try and safely address these problems.   Starting healthy diets, using scar treatments, or restyling may be a few ways to become a little more comfortable in your skin. Others may find it useful to find support groups either online or in person. Talk therapy may be helpful for others.

It can be frustrating when our bodies don’t fit our desires. Remember to focus on what you want and not what others want. But if your body expectations start to negatively affect your physical or mental health, it may be best to try to find more positive support from others. Whether you are finding safer ways to make these changes or learning to accept aspects of your appearance, know that you are more important than your body.